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So, you’re a photographer with the skills to pay the bills; all you need is to communicate that effectively and that job you want will be yours. Check out the photographer cover letter sample below to set yourself up for success.

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If your resume is the perfect portrait of yourself, consider your cover letter the touchup and editing process that takes the initial image and puts it into the best possible light. A well-crafted cover letter connects the substance of what you can do with a little bit of salesmanship. Here are some important elements to highlight in your cover letter:

  • Your portfolio: Ideally you have your own website to showcase the work you have previously done; you should include the link to it in your cover letter. If you are sending your cover letter online as a pdf or word processing document, make the sure the link to your site is working properly before you hit send. If you don’t have a website yet, you can use a site like flickr to have something up while you get your own website sorted out. It is highly recommended that you spend a little bit of time and money to get your own website set up, as this will come across as more polished and professional to a hiring manager. There are some great photography website templates out there on the wordpress platform that are inexpensive and easy to update. If you’re serious about a career in photography, investing in your own website is an absolute must.
  • Your technical skillset: This may include specific equipment or training you have done. If they mention a particular technical requirement in the job description, be sure to highlight your competency.

If you have excellent photoshop / digital design skills, you may want to spend some time injecting some of your design talent into your resume. If you have the above points nailed down, an eye-catching, appropriately curated resume could be the difference-maker that gets you the gig.

  • Your digital skills: This would include Photoshop or other photo editing software, and other computer skills. If you’ve got video editing skills, you may want to highlight them as well.
  • Keywords from the job description: If a company is looking for a portrait photographer, you probably won’t help your case much by telling them about your amazing landscape photography skills. Focus on their needs first and describe your skills and experience around those needs. Overall you want to use your cover letter and accompanying resume to not just present your skills, but in such a way that is as closely aligned with the job description as possible.
  • Don’t forget to add a bit about who you are. The subject behind the lens is important too!  Talk about your passion for photography and why you’re awesome to work with. They may also be looking for personality traits or intangible skills like ‘ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment’ or ‘time management skills’, so use the space to present yourself as the person they are looking for.

Table of Contents

  1. Professional Photographer Cover Letter Sample
  2. Professional Photographer Cover Letter (Text Format)

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1. Professional Photographer Cover Letter Sample

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Photographer CL Example

2. Professional Photographer Cover Letter (Text Format)

[Today’s Date]

[Hiring Manager’s Name]

[xxx Company Address]

Company City, State, Zip Code

(xxx) xxx-xxxx


Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs [Manager’s Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I am applying for the position of [position name] with your company as advertised on [company website / Linkedin / job board website]. 

I have been a freelance photographer for the past 7 years, beginning as an event photographer while pursuing my BA in Photography. As my true passion lies in taking photos of people, I transitioned into portrait photography once I had completed my degree. I’ve spent most of the past 3 years shooting weddings, as well as children, newborn babies, and also pets.

As for my technical skills, I am proficient with a wide array of professional cameras, lighting gear, and lenses. I have taken several courses in photo editing and I am an Adobe Photoshop expert. I have recently been developing my video shooting and editing skills as well.

On a personal level, I am a people person with a knack for getting smiles and making clients happy. I am reliable and capable in fast-paced environments, and I always deliver my results on time. When it comes to photo editing, I am highly organized and I pride myself on being extremely attentive to detail, with an eye for presentation.

I would like to invite you to take a look at my online portfolio here (your online photo portfolio web address) to see the styles and quality of my work. Please find my contact information at the top of this letter and on my website. 


[Your Name]

[Professional Photographer Cover Letter]

Since childhood, I have watched my father take photographs of landscapes and people, and have been consistently amazed by quality photography. When I was a child, I could not understand how it was possible to freeze pieces of reality: sunshine, trees in the wind, cars passing by, flying birds, somebody’s face. I liked to look at photos in our family album for hours, imagining what people in the images were talking or thinking about, what the weather was like, what they did before and after taking the photo. For me, they were almost alive, moving, and breathing. And though today I am not as naive as I used to be in my childhood, I still believe in the magic of photography; moreover, I want to learn how to create this magic myself. This is the reason why I have decided to attend free photography classes, organized by the Silverton College of Visual Arts and Design.

I have set several goals for myself that I want to achieve. First of all, I want to learn about composition. I had noticed many times that some pictures look better than others due to the location and distribution of objects. This especially refers to still-life and photos of items. I used to shoot photos myself, trying to imitate the style of famous photographers, but my pictures looked chaotic, and I am sure it is due to a lack of knowledge about composition. In this class, I want to fill this gap in order to create balanced and adjusted images.

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of photography for me is lighting. I enjoy watching how light and shade, combined and interwoven together, create atmospheric and credible pictures. This is especially valuable in black-and-white photography; portraits, still-life, landscapes, abstract—almost anything becomes relief and alive if light and shade are fully involved. My second goal is to learn how to use light properly, both artificial (in studio) and natural in the open air.

The last but not the least goal for me is to learn how to use all the abilities of DSLR cameras. I am convinced that being familiar with what you are working with makes at least a third of success in any occupation. At the same time, my experience in photography is limited by using so-called digital soapbox-cameras that are short in capability in terms of taking artistic photos. In this class, I would like to learn all the technicalities and specifics of using amateur and professional DSLR cameras.

Photography has consistently been an area of interest for me. Since my childhood, it has remained an object of curiosity, but now I have decided to start taking professional pictures on my own. For this purpose, I want to start attending photography classes, in which I hope to learn the basics of composition, working with light and shade, and obtain knowledge about the technical aspects of photography.

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