Sacramento Diocese Priest Assignment

The soon-to-be-new priests prostrate on the floor of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Photo by Cathy Joyce from The Catholic Herald magazine

The first weekend in June is always a joy in the Diocese of Sacramento. Summer approaches and classes have ended. The seminarians have returned home and are about to begin their summer assignments, whether that is parish work, hospital training, or language immersion in Mexico. The first weekend in June holds an even greater significance, however, for our Diocese: this is the weekend when traditionally new priests are ordained for service within the church of Sacramento after completing years of seminary formation, ready to serve the people of God.

This year was no different, seeing the ordination of three new priests for the Diocese of Sacramento by our bishop, the Most Reverend Jaime Soto: Fr. Joshua Sia, Fr. Edgardo Garcia, and Fr. Andrés Emmanuelli. Our new priests have diverse origins, ranging from the Philippines, Mexico, and Venezuela, coming with experiences that will no doubt serve them well as they embark on their ministry within the Diocese.

Ordination weekend is a special time for the seminarians, as we get to see the fruits of many years of prayer and work, getting to accompany our brothers as they prostrate themselves on the floor of the cathedral, dedicating their lives to God through service to His Church in Sacramento. Speaking from a personal perspective, each ordination I have attended has gained more poignancy for my own vocational journey. Seeing friends that I really know, brothers I have journeyed with throughout their years of seminary formation, through all the blessings and challenges,  strengthens my own sense of vocation and encourages me to move forward. If you ever have a chance to attend a priestly ordination, especially if you are discerning a call to the priesthood, go! You won’t regret it! Please continue to pray for your seminarians and priests, and pray especially for an increase in vocations to the priesthood here in Sacramento. Your prayers make a difference!

At the end of the ordination Mass, the following assignments were announced for our new priests: Fr. Emmanuelli has been assigned as Parochial Vicar of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Vallejo, Fr. Garcia has been assigned as Parochial Vicar Good Shepherd Parish in Elk Grove, and Fr. Sia has been assigned as Parochial Vicar of St. James Parish in Davis.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

In Christ,


The following gallery photos are courtesy of Shannon Blecha, parishioner of St. Mary’s Church in Sacramento. Click on the image to see the next photo.

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FabbriMario1931PAccusedDiocesanPer the PA Attorney General's 3/1/16 Grand Jury report, in 1950 Fabbri anally raped a 9th-grade boy in his rectory bed at St. John Gaulbert parish in Johnstown PA. It said Fabbri raped the boy further in NY, and in Montreal and Quebec. In 1999 the victim contacted the diocese. He said Fabbri told him, "you are not as cooperative as the others." Last known to be in Italy. Presumed dead.Altoona-Johnstown, PASource:
PA AG Statement 03.01.16; PA GJ FBI Timeline 03.01.16; PA Office of the Attorney General 03.01.16; Tribune-Democrat 03.01.16; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Timeline 03.06.16
PA Office of the Attorney General 03.01.16
Fagione (Faggioni)
Ernest1947PSettledSalesianCorrect spelling of last name is Faggioni per the 1989 Catholic Directory. Died 6/14/06. Believed to be one of several religious accused of abuse of minors at residential centers Madonna Manor or Hope Haven. At least one claim included in almost $5.2M settlement with Archdiocese in Fall 2009.New Orleans, LASource:
Times Picayune 06.18.00; Times Picayune 06.16.06; Times Picayune 03.11.10; Findagrave 06.14.16
Findagrave 06.14.16
Murty M.1958PAccusedOblates of St. Francis de SalesAssociate pastor at St. Anne's Church, Lodi 8/85-3/01. Also teacher at St. Mary High School 1970-1985. Accused in 2006 of abuse of a girl in mid-990s at his church's elementary school. Police conducted investigation but were unable to substantiate the allegations. Diocese officials still investigating as of 01/07. Civil suit filed 12/06 by a woman alleging abuse age 5-11. Plaintiff dismissed suit 11/07. Fahy died 3/2/01. Name included on list of claimed abusers attached to Stockton Diocese's 5/9/14 filing in bankruptcy court.Stockton, CASource:
News-Sentinel 04.24.06; Amherst Times 04.25.06; The Record 04.25.06; Lodi News-Sentinel 01.03.07; Lodi News-Sentinel 01.04.07; Tracy Press 01.04.07; Stockton Record 01.13.07; News-Sentinel 11.29.07; Stockton Record 11.29.07; California Catholic Daily 12.07.07; SNAP Statement with link to Stockton Diocese Notice of Deadline for Filing Claims in Bankruptcy Court 07.16.14; Mercury News 07.18.14
FaillaAnthony J.1956PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abusing a youth in mid-1970s. Boy lived in rectory because his mother had died. Three nuns say they told diocesan officials in 1996. Failla was told to stop working as a priest and to undergo counseling. He left the parish in 1997 (citing personal health reasons). Surfaced later in Florida where the Brooklyn Diocese told Palm Beach Bishop of allegations. Subject of lawsuit in 10/03 in large suit re multiple priests.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Daily News 07.01.97; NY Times 03.15.02; Palm Beach Post 03.19.02; Sun-Sentinel 03.22.02; Sun-Sentinel 04.24.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Newsday 10.02.03; Palm Beach Post 02.28.04
FairbairnFrank E.1969PSuedDiocesanFairbairn died 9/00 after 31 yrs as a priest. Left position as chaplain at Northeastern University to work as a priest in Peru, 1994-1999. Per 1/03 articles, Fairbairn was named for first time in recent lawsuit, accused of abuse of a 14-yr-old boy in 1970. Per Boston AD database in 8/11, no formal determination of guilt either because Fairbairn died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 09.15.00; Boston Globe 01.30.03; The Day 01.30.03; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Taunton Daily Gazette 08.26.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Stephen L.1983PAccusedDiocesanIn 2002 a youth worker (later fired by diocese) reported complaints about conduct of Faletti and another priest at a seminary for high school boys in 1991. Per diocese, Faletti was removed from active priesthood in the mid-1990s after credible accusations that he had molested children. Absent on leave per 2002 Catholic Directory.Jefferson City, MOSource:
Boston Globe 04.05.02
Francis 1952PSuedJesuitPlaintiffs filed 43 suits 1/09 against Jesuit Order and its former provincial alleging that Order knew of abusive priests in Alaska and did nothing to stop them. One woman in the suit alleged abuse by Fallert at St. Michael's 1956-1957. Died 6/90.Two or more pending claims shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10.Fairbanks, AKSource:
USA Today 06.08.90; Anchorage Daily News 01.14.09; James Doe 59 et al v Society of Jesus, Oregon Province et al, Alaska Superior Court, 4th Judicial District at Bethel, 01.14.09; KGW (AP) 01.14.09; KIRO 01.14.09; Seattle Times 01.14.09; Seattle Times 01.15.09; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09; Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 01.25.10; Pilot Station - Saint Charles Spinola Catholic Church Website 01.25.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
FallonJohn J.1955PConvictedDiocesanArrested 9/85 on charges of mailing child pornography (pictures of boy under 14) to photo lab for developing. Other pictures of boys from town where Fallon was assigned were also found at rectory. Pleaded guilty 12/85 and sentenced to 5 yrs probation, including six months of psychiatric therapy. Lived in New Mexico "on sick leave" 1989-2000. Moved to Syracuse retirement home but remained inactive. Syracuse Diocese said it had no knowledge of his past. Died 2/5/05.Ogdensburg, NYSource:
Associated Press 09.18.95; Post-Standard (NY) 07.22.02; FindAGrave 02.05.05; Watertown Daily Times 02.24.10
FalveyArthur A.< 1930PSettledJesuitIn 6/09, Jesuits settled claim by one man who alleged that Falvey raped him repeatedly over a four year period, beginning in 1954 when he was 7. Falvey was assigned to St. Ignatius Church in Sacramento at the time. He died in 1966. This was only accusation against him. Falvey is the brother of Fr. Mark Falvey who abused at least 10 children in CA and was the subject of a 2007 settlement by the Jesuits.Sacramento, CASource:
Sacramento Bee 06.05.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
FalveyMark A.1928PAccusedJesuitAccused 2002 & 2003, by 3 people of abuse in 1950s-60s. Named in at least 1 civil suit. Worked in CA, China, Philippines. Accused of abusing at least 10 children 1959-1975. Died 1975. Tentative settlement of $16 mil reached between 9 plaintiffs and Jesuit order in May 2007. Two other claims remain unresolved. Brother of Fr. Arthur Falvey who also was accused of abuse in 2009 settlement of a separate case. Philippines presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte said in 12/15 Falvey abused him when he was a freshman at Ateneo de Davao High School, and that he molested other students as well.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; Fresno Bee 05.17.07; LA Times 05.18.07; Sacramento Bee 06.05.09; Coconuts Manila 12.01.15; Philippine Daily Inquirer 12.01.15; ABS-CBN 12.02.15; Philippine Star 12.02.15; The Rappler 12.03.15; Manila Times 12.05.15; American Conservative 05.01.17
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Sinon F.1945PSuedDiocesanDied 2/7/05 at age 85. Pastor of St. Norbert Church in Orange 1976-1989. Supervised abusers John Kenney and John Lenihan while there. He, himself, was named as abuser in civil suit file 6/25/09. Allegedly abused an altar boy from 1990-1992 after he retired. SNAP reports being contacted by other victims.Orange, CASource:
Obituary from FindAGrave 02.07.07; Orange County Weekly 06.29.09; Orange County Register 06.30.09
FarabaughClint1955PAccusedPrecious BloodAccused of abuse. DeceasedLos Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4
LA Times Database 4.20.06
FarabaughKenneth1963PAccusedDiocesanArchdiocese learned of allegations from 3rd party in 1993. Individual denied making the accusations and Farabaugh also denied so matter dropped. In 2000 the same individual met with archdiocese and provided detailed allegations of sexual abuse. Farabaugh was under investigation by police & diocese at time of his death in car accident in 12/00. (His car ran off the road and struck a tree). Name appeared on Baltimore's 9/26/02 list of abusers.Baltimore, MDSource:
Baltimore Sun 12.13.00; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Baltimore Sun 09.26.02
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
David M.1974PnoneDiocesanPermanently removed from ministry in 2002. Name not publicly released until 3/06. Accusation of abuse of a minor in the early 1990s, according to the diocese. The matter was handled internally by his superiors who removed Farland from any ministry with access to minors according to Diocesan spokesman. On medical leave in 1994. Last assignment was St. Michael's cathedral. Life of Prayer & Penance. Possibly went to live in RI.Springfield, MASource:
Statement by Diocese of Springfield 03.08.06; Republican 03.10.06; WPRI 03.10.06; Springfield Diocese List of Priests with Credible Allegations 08.30.11; SNAP 02.10.16; MassLive 02.11.16
FarmerDonald G.1963PArrestedDiocesanLeft priesthood in late 1960s and was laicized in 1972. Was working as marriage and family counselor in 2003 when he was arrested for 1966 abuse of 4 preteens. Charged with 14 felony counts. Charges dismissed in 2003 when CA law was overruled by Supreme Court. Named in at least 3 civil suits.Los Angeles, CASource:
San Bernardino Sun 02.26.03; Press Enterprise 02.27.03; Fresno Bee 02.28.03; LA Times 07.02.03; San Bernardino Sun 07.02.03; Press-Enterprise 07.12.03; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04
LA Times Database 4.20.06
George A.1996PAccusedDiocesanPrior to 1996 ordination, Farrell served as a Brother of Charity for 12 yrs. Placed on leave 5/03 and sent to a "supervised living facility" after being accused of an "isolated incident" of "inappropriate communication" over the Internet with a minor in 1997. Police and Div. of Youth and Family Services investigated. No criminal charges filed. Returned to duty by Bishop 10/04. Still active as of 3/13 at St. Joseph in North Plainfield, NJ.Metuchen, NJSource:
Home News Tribune 05.22.03; Star Ledger 05.22.03; Catholic Spirit 05.29.03; Home News Tribune 10.07.04
FarrellNolan BAccusedUnknownIncluded on a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian 01/19/11. Garabedian said he had settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Farrell is one of 3 of the accused religious who was still alive in 2011. Whereabouts unknown.Boston, MASource:
Associated Press 01.19.11; BishopAccountability List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Herald News 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11
William J.1947PAccusedDiocesanFarrell retired in 1990 and died 9/99. His name appeared on Archdiocese's 7/04 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. At least one survivor filed claim during Archdiocese bankruptcy 2011-2012. He alleged abuse in 1973 when he was an 11-yr-old boy.Milwaukee, WISource:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 09.19.99; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; NY Times 02.03.12; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
William C. BAccusedS.J. (Jesuit)Man told Jesuits in 2012 that he had been molested by Farrington at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose in the late 1960s. Farrington supervised students living on campus. School found accusations credible & publicly apologized to the accuser and sent letter to hundreds of former students. Farrington removed in 2002 from Loyola Marymount University after allegations from another student at Jesuit HS. Living under supervision at Los Gatos Retreat Center. SNAP says 4 others have come forward.San Jose, CASource:
CBS Sacramento 09.11.12; NBC Bay Area 09.11.12; San Jose Mercury News 09.11.12; Mercury News 09.12.12; Mercury Register 09.12.12; The Patch 09.12.12; UPI 09.13.12; Los Angeles Loyolan 09.17.12; Los Angeles Loyolan 09.17.12; Los Angeles Loyolan 09.20.12; Sacramento Bee 09.20.12; The Patch 09.26.12; Los Angeles Loyolan 09.27.12; Los Angeles Loyolan 09.28.12; Los Angeles Loyolan 10.01.12
FarrisDaniel L.1967PAccusedDiocesanFirst identified publicly as accused in Santa Fe archdiocese list on 9/12/17Santa Fe, NMSource:
Archdiocese of Santa Fe list 09.12.17
FarrisJohn V. 1949PSuedVincentianAttended St. John's seminary in Kansas City and worked in nine Missouri parishes. Spent seven yrs at St. John Seminary and/or Queen of Angels Seminary in CA. Sued 2003 in California. Accused of abuse of a youth 1951-1954. Also worked in Denver. Died 2003. Personnel file released 09/09/13. Major issues with alcoholism throughout entire career. Also worked in Cape Girardeau and Perryville MO.Los Angeles, CASource:
The Wander 01.08.04; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; LA Daily News 09.09.13; SNAP Statement 09.12.13; SNAP Statement 09.16.13; East Missourian 09.20.13; SNAP Statement re Personnel File 10.25.13
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Richard B.1981PConvictedDiocesanIndicted 8/02 on charges that he took indecent liberties with boy in mid-1980s. Diocese learned of charges in 1999. Farwell went to work at Food for the Poor in FL in 2000 with letter of reference from Bishop Curlin, who felt charges were not credible. Faculties revoked 4/02. Officially remained attached to Charlotte diocese.Pleaded no contest to charges 11/04; sentenced to 180 days probation, counseling & community service. Civil suit filed 7/19/11. Diocese wanted suit dismissed on SOL 2/11/12. Court ruled 6/20/14 that the suit was filed too late and dismissed the case on SOL. Appeal possible.Charlotte, NCSource:
Sun-Sentinel 04.18.02; Charlotte Observer 04.19.02; Sun-Sentinel 04.20.02; Sun-Sentinel 04.24.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Charlotte Observer 06.14.02; Charlotte Observer 08.06.02; Charlotte Observer 11.04.04; Charlotte Observer (AP) 11.04.04; News Channel 36 07.19.11; Charlotte Observer 07.20.11; WSOC 07.20.11; Salisbury Post 07.21.11; Charlotte Observer 07.25.11; WCNC 02.11.12; Charlotte Observer 05.31.14; Charlotte Observer 06.20.14; SNAP Statement 06.20.14; Seth Langston Media Statement 06.23.14; WSOC 07.07.14; Charlotte Observer 07.08.14; sethlangstonlaw 05.07.16
Assignment record compiled by Law Firm
Richard Wayne1953PAccusedDiocesanRetired in 1997. Privileges removed 4/02 after review board determined "reasonable cause" to suspect he had sexually abused a male minor during his assignment at Prince of Peace parish. Abuse said to have begun in 1974 and ended in mid-1980s. Allegations first reported 12/01. Died 5/04. Name also on 2003 Archdiocesan list of abusers. Per documents released by archdiocese in 11/14, Fassbinder admitted taking nude pics of and a "sexual relationship" with a boy, beginning in 1974 when the boy was age 16 and continuing for 15 yrs., but said he didn't know the boy was a minor. He was in ministry for 2 years after his admission.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Daily Herald 04.10.02; Chicago Sun Times 04.10.02; Chicago Tribune 04.10.02; Chicago Sun-Times 01.17.03; Chicago Sun-Times 06.15.03; Chicago Tribune 05.09.04; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Daily Herald 11.06.14; Archdiocese of Chicago Documents 11.11.15
Assignments: Assignment Record; Fassbinder Personnel File; Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline
Charles George1985BSuedMarianistAccused in a 2006 lawsuit of abuse of a student 1973-74 at Chaminade College Prep in Canoga Park, where he was later principal. Left the Marianists and was ordained a priest on 8/24/85 for the Monterey diocese, where he became monsignor, Chancellor, and Moderator of the Curia. Still listed as an active priest at St. Joseph church in Cayucos in the 2010 Monterey Directory. Marianist personnel file released 7/13 as part of 2007 LA settlement.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; Contra Costa Times 07.31.13; Personnel File released by Marianist Order 07.31.13
LA Times Database 4.20.06
W. Thomas1971PArrestedDiocesanRetired 2015. Arrested 2/2/18 by the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children unit, charged with 1 count of Possession of a Controlled Substance (marijuana, LSD and ecstasy) and 12 counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Child. Per prosecutor, porn found on Faucher's computer included images of torture and sex abuse of infants and toddlers. Pastor of St. Mary's 2002-retirement. (A St. Mary's deacon, Rapelyea Howell, had been fired from a job elsewhere just before Faucher's arrival, having admitted to viewing child porn. Bishop Driscoll did not inform Faucher or parishioners of reason; kept in ministry until 2004; convicted.) By 2/14/18 diocese received allegation that Faucher sexually abused a child 40-plus yrs previously.Boise, IDSource:
KIFI-TV; Idaho Press-Tribune 02.02.18; Idaho Statesman 02.03.18; Idaho Statesman 02.03.18; KIVI TV 02.03.18; KIVITV 02.05.18; Idaho Statesman 02.06.18; KTVB 02.06.18; Idaho Press-Tribune 02.07.18; KTVB 02.07.18; KTVB 02.07.18; Catholic News Service via National Catholic Reporter 02.08.18; Idaho Statesman 02.09.18; Idaho Statesman 02.12.18; Fox News 02.14.18; Idaho Statesman 02.14.18
FaueGerald 1951PSuedBenedictineWas at St. John's Abbey as religious brother in 1950. Ordained in 1951. Accused of abuse 1965-1967. Named in at least 2 civil suits. Abuse was alleged at St. Benedict in Montebello CA. Died 1/30/88. Some of his personnel files released 7/13 reference "his problem" or "difficulty." Buried at Saint Gregory Abbey Cemetery in Shawnee, OK.Los Angeles, CASource:
Behind the Pine Curtain - nd; FindAGrave 1988; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; Contra Costa Times 07.31.13; LA Times 07.31.13
LA Times Database 4.20.06
FayRobert D.1967PSuedDiocesanFay took "health leave for a heart condition" in 1988 but worked as a real estate agent. Woman filed suit 12/02 alleging that he abused her as a teen in 1970s. Said he provided her and others with alcohol and marijuana. Settled 2003. Files released 2/03 say church knew in 1980 that Fay had been arrested in NH for "drunkeness and use of narcotics" and that there were other allegations of misbehavior with youths. Involuntary laicization announced 2/12/05.Boston, MASource:
Middlesex Court case file 2002-02685; Boston Globe 12.27.02; Boston Globe 02.11.03; Patriot Ledger 02.11.03; Patriot Ledger 02.12.03; Boston Globe 10.08.03; The Enterprise 02.11.05; Boston Herald 02.12.05; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Metrowest Daily News 08.26.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
William J.1968PSuedDiocesanMan reported to Diocese in 1993 that Fedders had abused him 3 times in the year he was a 14-yr-old 8th grader and altar boy in Lexington. Accuser suggested o settle for $200K in 1994, but diocese offered only to pay for counseling in 1995. Man rejected counseling offer. He then filed civil suit 6/02 and Fedders was removed. Permanently removed 9/04. Case dismissed by Court on SOL and appeals court upheld dismissal. Not reported to police until 2004.Lexington, KYSource:
Lexington Herald-Leader 06.04.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 06.07.02; Courier Journal 06.07.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 06.12.02; Lexington Herald Leader 06.29.02; Associated Press 09.13.03; Lexington Herald-Leader 01.17.04; Lexington Herald Leader 06.03.05; Lexington Herald-Leader 06.11.05; Lexington Herald-Leader 03.23.06
Cincinnati Enquirer 07.07.02
Martin J.1966PSettledDiocesanPlaced on leave after suit filed 9/96 alleged that Federici sexually abused a 12-yr-old boy in a confessional and rectory in 1981. Two suits filed in 1996 and one in 1999 alleging abuse of 16-yr-old, 13-yr-old and another teen. One settled in 1999 and others in 2001. Add'l claim(s) settled 2003. Laicization announced 5/03. New suit filed in 2010 by convicted rapist who alleged abuse in 1976-1977. Died 5/7/13. Five cases re 4 priests of diocese, including Federici, settled 5/17.Bridgeport, CTSource:
Connecticut Law Tribune 05.19.97; Associated Press 05.24.99; Associated Press 08.05.99; Hartford Courant 03.09.01; Hartford Courant 03.09.02; Connecticut Post 03.17.02; Associated Press 05.11.02; Connecticut Post 10.18.02; Connecticut Post 11.13.02; Connecticut Post 05.28.03; Connecticul Post 10.16.03; Associated Press 10.17.03; Connecticut Post 11.24.09; News-Times 11.25.09; Connecticut Post 12.01.09; Hartford Courant 12.02.09; Connecticut Post 12.06.09; Connecticut Post 09.09.10; Federici Obituary 05.07.13; Connecticut Post 09.15.16; Connecticut Post 09.17.16; Stamford Advocate 06.05.17; NBC Connecticut 06.06.17; Connecticut Post 06.11.17
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
FeehanVincent1977PSuedDiocesanFeehan was one of four priests charged with abuse of one boy. James Kilgour charged with abuse in 1987 litigation; Feehan, Joseph Chotin and Charles Fendin charged with sexual advances. Civil suit settled and dismissed 1991. Feehan was absent on leave per 1988 and 1990 Catholic Directories. Not shown in 1995 edition.New Orleans, LASource:
UPI 12.19.87
Theodore1958PSuedConventual FranciscanFeely served in IL, CA and NV. In 2002 two men came forward to accuse Feely of abusing them when they were minors in Illinois 1968-1972. One of the men filed 2/06 civil suit against the Rockford Diocese re 1969 abuse. Feely died in NV in 1991.Rockford, ILSource:
Rockford Register Star 06.25.02; Press-Enterprise (CA) 01.19.05; Press-Enterprise (CA) 02.04.05; Rock River Times (Series) 07.20.05; Rock River Times 08.03.05; Rock River Times 10.28.05; Bondick Testimony 11.22.05; Chicago Tribune 02.24.06; Rockford Register Star 02.24.06; Rock River Times 03.01.06
Detailed Assignment Record
John Patrick1952PConvictedDiocesanAccused of sexual abuse of many children, boys and girls. Removed 1986. Assigned to 18 parishes in 30 yrs. Convicted 2004. Sentenced 15 yrs prison--served 8. Released 11/11. Laicized 8/05. Also worked in NV. 1 claim in $660M LA archdiocese settlement 7/07. 1 suit filed in NV 1/08. Brothers from criminal case filed fraud case against Diocese 1/08. WI trial held 5/12. Jury found Diocese committed fraud and awarded plaintiffs $700K. They dropped punitive damages claims. New Trial set for 5/13; settled 3/13 for $700K. Another trial in NV 10/12. $500K against Green Bay. Diocese appealed; NV Supreme Court reversed ruling 05/15.Green Bay, WISource:
Collection of Articles prior to 10.10.12; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10.11.12; Fox 11 11.02.12; Green Bay Post-Gazette 11.02.12; SNAP Statement 11.02.12; Wisconsin State Journal 11.02.12; Wisconsin State Journal 11.02.12; KOLO 11.03.12; Post Crescent 11.03.12; Chippewa Herald 01.06.13; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 03.19.13; Press-Gazette 03.19.13; San Francisco Chronicle 03.19.13; WBAY 03.19.13; WHBY 03.19.13; Press-Gazette 03.21.13; SNAP Statement 03.22.13; Wausau Daily Herald 03.22.13; WBAY 03.22.13; We are Green Bay 03.22.13; SNAP Press Release 12.17.13; SNAP Statement 12.17.13; UPI 12.18.13; Mining Journal 12.24.13; Chippewa Herald 01.06.15; Courthouse News Service 05.29.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
FeeneyLeonard1941PAccusedOrder of St. Benedict (OSB)Civil suit filed 1/08 alleged Feeney abused a youth in 1950s at the former Saint Martin's High School in Lacey. Suit said abuse lasted 1/2 yrs when Plaintiff was in 9th and 10th grades. Same plaintiff also alleged abuse by two Christian Brothers at Briscoe School in Kent when he was in 7th grade. A 2nd suit filed 5/28/08 by 3 add'l plaintiffs alleged abuse in mid-late 1950s. Feeney died in 1980. Name included on archdiocese of Seattle's list 1/15/16 of clergy and religious with admitted, established or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor.Seattle, WASource:
The Olympian 01.22.08; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 01.23.08; The Olympian 05.30.08; Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16
Thomas J.1937PSuedDiocesanSued at least twice. Accused of abuse in 1950s-1960s. Former vicar general of diocese. Died 1981. Diocese admitted in 5/06 that allegations were credible. Four additional suits filed 5/06. Civil trial began in 9/06 in a suit filed in 2005. Man testified that Feeney abused him for 6 years, beginning when he was about age 6. Jury awarded Plaintiff $1.5M. Total of 15 accusers known with earliest date of abuse 1957.Davenport, IASource:
Des Moines Register 07.30.05; Quad City Times 07.30.05; Quad City Times 08.06.05; Quad-City Times 01.26.06; Press-Citizen (AP) 05.12.06; WCF Courier 05.23.06; KTIV 09.06.06; Des Moines Register (AP) 09.13.06; Quad Cities Online 09.13.06; Des Moines Register 09.14.06; Des Moines Register 09.15.06; Sioux City Journal 09.15.06; Quad-Cities Online 09.18.06; Des Moines Register 10.12.06; Sioux City Journal 11.19.06; Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Quad-City Times 07.18.08; Quad-City Times 10.19.12
Assignments: Concise Assignment Record; Assignment Record; Catholic Messenger 07.17.08
William "Bill"1977PAccusedDiocesanFeeser was retired for health reasons and living at Immaculate Conception Parish in Sacramento when he was removed by Diocese 10/11 after woman accused him of sexually molesting her at Our Lady of Assumption church in Carmichael when she was a minor in early 1980s. Sheriff's department says it has not yet been informed of allegations as of 11/1/11. Feeser was employed by Jesuit High School between 1982-1995 but alleged abuse took place prior to that date.Sacramento, CASource:
Sacramento Bee 10.24.11; The Patch 10.25.11; CBS Sacramento 11.01.11; KCRA 11.01.11; The Patch 11.01.11; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.03.11
John Richard1948PAccusedDiocesanFollowing a recent court order, on 12/16/13 Bp. Quinn released a list of 13 names of priests who had "credible" accusations of abuse involving minors. Feiten's inclusion on this list is the first public notice that he had been accused of abuse. He retired from active ministry 6/00 and died 7/9/01. After his death, two separate complaints of abuse of minor boys were received against Feiten. Abuse in 1969 was reported in 2002 and a second, undated complaint was made in 04/06.Winona, MNSource:
Anderson & Assoc Press Release 12.16.13; Diocese of Winona Statement and List of Accused Priests with Assignments 12.16.13; Owatonna People's Press 12.16.13; Star Tribune 12.16.13; Winona Daily News 12.16.13; Diocese of Winona Updated List & Media Statement 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.23.14; WXOW 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.24.14
Diocese of Winona Assignment Sheet
Thomas F.1976PSuedDiocesanRemoved 2003 after accusation of abuse of youth in 1979. Civil suit filed 3/04 by a different man alleging abuse from 1986-1991 at Our Lady of Victory. On administrative leave until laicization in 10/14.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Cincinnati Post 12.05.03; Dayton Daily News 03.12.04; Cincinnati Enquirer 03.16.04; Archdiocese of Cincinnati Status Report 02.07.06; Dayton Daily News 04.22.07; WLWT 10.28.14; WLWT 10.28.14; Cincinnati com 10.29.14; WCPO 10.29.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
FeldkampAngelo J.1968PAccusedNorbertineIn May, 2002 Feldkamp was placed on admin. leave by the Norbertine Order after allegations surfaced that he abused a child more than 25 years previously. At time he was suspended he was teaching at a high school. No info on where or when offense happended or whether it involved a boy or a girl.Green Bay, WISource:
Green Bay Press Gazette 05.08.02; Wisconsin State Journal (AP) 05.08.02
Philip S.1966PAccusedDiocesanWoman complained in 2002 that Feltman had abused her when she was 9 in 1972 at St. Thomas Aquinas parish. Diocesan review board found accusations to be credible and Feldman was placed on leave 1/03. He denied all charges. A disciplinary panel was scheduled. The woman refused to appear before the local church inquiry board so matter was forwarded to the Vatican. In 7/03 Feltman was returned to duty after a Vatican council found that there wasn't enough evidence to support the claims. Retired 5/09.Toledo, OHSource:
Toledo Blade 07.20.03; Associated Press 07.27.03
Thomas2001PAccusedDiocesanSuspended 5/17 after complaints of 'inappropriate activities' with youth in Wyndmere. Pastor at time of parishes in Wyndmere and Milnor. Reportedly would hug girls, his hand touching their breasts or buttocks. Law enforcement investigated, no charges brought. Suspension pending diocese's investigation. Feltman denied wrongdoing. State's attorney investigated, saying in 8/17 Feltman's behavior was inappropriate but not a sex offense, so he would not be charged.Fargo, NDSource:
KVRR 07.28.17; West Fargo Pioneer 07.28.17; News-Monitor 08.09.17
John J.1987PSuedDiocesanFeminelli accused of buying presents for 15 yr old in exchange for wrestling matches. Feminelli was a deacon at time but was ordained even after charges made by boy and family. The family says church did not believe them and drove them away by circulating false info about them. Case dismissed in 1991 saying did not prove anything. He has retired from Corpus Christi Diocese as of 3/11.Corpus Christi, TXSource:
Court of Appeals Decision in Kelly v. Diocese of Corpus Christi, 13-91-287-CV, 05.14.92; Houston Chronicle 09.29.92; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02
Joseph P.1958PAccusedDiocesanKnown to have been working at all girls' Ladywood High School in Livonia, MI in 1985-1986 and 1986-1987. It was announced in 2002 that Femminineo resigned from St. Rita Parish in Holly MI 10/20/96 after old allegations surfaced of sexual misconduct involving minors. In 5/05 Archdiocese announced that Vatican had permanently barred him from any ministry.Detroit, MISource:
Detroit Free Press 3.2.02; Detroit News 07.14.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Associated Press 05.27.05; Michigan Catholic 05.27.05
FendinCharles PSuedDiocesanFendin and two other priests (Vince Feehan and Joseph Chotin) charged with making sexual advances towards student and showing him porno films. James Kilgour actually charged with sexual assault of student. Civil suit filed against all four in 1987 but settled and dismissed in 1991.New Orleans, LASource:
Baton Rouge State Times 12 .23.87; UPI 12.19.87
FenertyMartin BAccusedFSC - Brothers of the Christian SchoolsPer Fenerty's personnel file, a woman made a complaint of abuse against Br. Fenerty in April 2002. No date of abuse was stated and no litigation was filed. Woman alleged that Fenerty molested her on several occasions when she was between 5 1/2 - 12 yrsold. Abuse occurred in Santa Fe where Fenerty was teacher. Fenerty denied anything except an occasional hug. He was placed on leave and then "retired" but he is still active per 2007 article.El Paso, TXSource:
Doe vs. NOSF et al; El Paso Cty, No. 2003-847; Times Picayune 03.04.07
Keith1984PAccusedDiocesanSuspended from position at St. Columba's in Manhattan in 6/15, where he'd served since 2011, after pornography discovered on his computer "that violated the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People." Small notice in archdiocesan newspaper after suspension. Archdiocese announced in 3/16 that its Review Board investigated and recommended Fennessy no longer be permitted to serve as a priest. In 5/20 Fennessy filed suit against Cardinal Dolan, claiming he was falsely accused.New York, NYSource:
Catholic New York 03.30.16; Staten Island Advance 04.05.16; Staten Island Advance 04.05.16; New York Post 05.20.17; Staten Island Advance 05.21.17; DNA Info 05.22.17
Assignments: Assignment Record
Francis S.1962PSuedDiocesanOne of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors.One man reported in 2006 that Feret abused him at age 9 in the early 1970s Last assignment was at St. Adalbert Church in Philadelphia's Port Richmond section. Archdiocese announced 5/4/12 that allegations were substantiated and he will be permanently removed from active ministry. Suit filed 9/18/12.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release 3.8.11; Archdiocese of Philadelphia Statement 5.4.12; NY Times 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.9.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.4.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.4.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 5.4.12; Statement of Cardinal Rigali Regarding Administrative Leaves 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.10.11; Catholics4Change 05.15.12; The Verdict 05.17.12; Druding v. Archdiocese of Philadelphia et al, 09.18.12; NBC 10 09.18.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.18.12

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