Morrill Scholarship Essay Prompt 2015 Calendar

Welcome to OSU English Department

The study of literature and language is fundamental to any education. Not only does it provide familiarity with the literary works that shape cultural heritage and the structure, history, and use of the language, but it also develops the ability to think analytically, to write effectively, and to consider various points of view.

Since its inception in the 1960s, the English Department at Oklahoma State University has attracted and served students with a diversity of interests. It offers a variety of courses, most of them small lectures and discussion classes. The curriculum supports intensive study in specific areas but allows students to combine them according to their own professional goals. BA, MA, MFA and PhD degrees are awarded through the department, and a full range of courses is offered in six areas:

The English Department also works with OSU to provide additional services: theOSU Writing Center, the International Teaching Assistant Program, andexciterbulb.

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Educational Enrichment

MSP students are eligible to participate in:

  • Diversity and inclusion themed workshops, lectures and service projects
  • Graduate and professional school preparation courses and guidance
  • Mentoring and tutoring to support your academic success
  • Morrill Scholars Early Arrival Program
  • ODI outreach and engagement projects on campus and in the community
  • ODI leadership and service courses for credit toward the Leadership Minor
  • Optional housing in the MSP Learning Community in Blackburn House
  • Service trips and travel abroad opportunities

University Honors & Scholars

Over 80 percent of Morrill Scholarship recipients are also University Honors and Scholars students.* Learn more about the University Honors Program and the 17 theme-based Scholars Programs here. 

*The Morrill Scholarship Program, also referred to as the Morrill Scholars Program (MSP) and the ODI Scholars Program, are both separate from the University Honors and Scholars Center at Ohio State. Thus, students involved with MSP and ODI Scholars are also able to participate in programs connected to the University Honors and Scholars Center.

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