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My Brother- My Role Model

November 22, 2014 by admin_kids


Topic: Children’s Elocution/Speech on ‘My Brother- My Role Model’
Targeted Age:8-15
Duration: 5 Minutes
Speech Prepared by: Mrs.Preetha Vijay Kumar, Kuwait
Delivered by: Arnav VijayaKumar, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Kuwait

When one is asked of who is your role model, normally people name some famous personalities. But for me my brother has been my biggest role model. We have an age gap of 8 years but this age gap has helped me in many ways. Always wanted to do what he did. He is unique, honest, friendly and intelligent. He is very determined, all through his studies he has never been for any tutions. He wanted to achieve everything with his hard work and effort that is why he did not agree to take a paid seat for medicine. His ambition is to be a surgeon and serve 3 days a week in the rural areas.

He is always pleasing, kind hearted and open minded to others. His ability to pass on positive energy to those whom he deals with is amazing. He can mingle with a age groups, all the kids in our bus enjoy being with him. He would spend time with senior citizens and make them laugh and happy. He respects elders and is humble in his approach. He is very devotional, fasts on Mondays and reads holy books daily morning. He is always precise on the subject he talks and inspires others to apply the knowledge in daily life. He is very easy going, doesn’t take tension for anything. I have never seen him argue with dad and mom. He is so helpful that on the day of exams also he lends his books to his friends.
To be honest sometimes I envy him, when everyone keeps praising him for his attitude and behavior, many family friends tell their kids look at Pranav be like him. Even when we come for the PTM, all the teachers and principal sir speak so good about him. He encourageous me to take up challenges and adopt positive thinking to be a better person. He has supported me and cheered me through all my problems. Brought in me the passion for reading and to love books. He motivates me to draw and has taught me to be courageous while we are on the sports ground. I influence me in making right choices.
He is very poor in dressing, whenever anybody comments on that he simply says swami Vivekananda has said that the tailor is not who makes a gentleman its ones character.I am really lucky to have a brother like him


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To My Brother, My Role Model

Submitted By: juanita911gt3

I follow your footsteps good and bad,
I listen to your advice cause its the best I can get.
I think about your mistakes and try to avoid them, and end up with my own mistakes.
I love to see you live your life to the fullest,
It makes me want to live mine like yours,
I love your personality,
I love your smile,
I love your silliness,
I love the way you went out of your way to make my days better when they're down.
I love the laughs that we have had,
I love the things we use to do together,
I love the silly fights that we use to have,
I love everything that we have done together,
And most of all,
I love what you have become.
I see you changing and becoming something better than what you use to be,
I love the way that you are and everything that you are,
And no one can change you.
Only you can change yourself for the better or for the worse,
I've seen all the good things that you have done,
I've seen more than you think I've seen,
I have heard more than you think I have heard.
I have done more than you think I have done.
Everything you are, and everything you will be in the future is just amazing.
I will improve my way of life just like you have improved yours,
You are my Role Model,
You are my Hero in Life,
You are my Everything,
And most of all..
You are my over protective brother that I love with my whole heart,
I write this to you to show you how much you have impacted my life in a positive way,
I follow your footsteps that will lead me to a successful way of life...
i love you big brother.

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